Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 447

Day 447

Unexpected rain today, which was always nice, and for anyone who knows me, they'd know I love it when its raining in game, and in the real world too, which is exactly what it was doing today, so I couldn't be happier.
I decided to move around Skyfall in a clockwise direction today, passing the area where Timbra's house used to be. She actually placed her house in a really nice spot, it's just a shame I wasn't really that fussed about having her in town.

Continuing my way around Skyfall, I made it to the plaza, where Redd had placed his tent (I had a hunch his tent would be in town today, and I was correct). I walked inside as usual to look at his artworks, and of course, the one I needed wasn't there, but I bought out the real one anyway.

Real - there is no fake

Fake - her hair is too long

Fake - they should be on opposite sides

Fake - her headband should be blue

As I suggested either yesterday or the day before, it definitely looks like it's a declining week in the stalk market... A mere 29 bells for the afternoon prices, lol. I'm kinda interested to see how low they'll go tomorrow. I'm gonna assume they'll rise, only by a little, but I'm really hoping it's in the 10's, or single digits, because that'd be funny lol.

Beau had a package he wanted me to deliver to Beardo which he had received in the mail by mistake. I didn't have anything better to do, so I was more than happy to track him down and hand it over to him. Once I found Beardo I handed him the package, only to find out he's already bought another one, and sold me the spare. It contained a black denim jacket, which I thought looked good, so I decided to keep it on for the time being.

Whilst I was up in Main Street I saw the medicine, and remembered Rosie had been sick. Upon returning to Skyfall, I headed over to Rosie's house to make sure she'd cleared up, and she was alive and well. For helping her get better, she gave me a modern dresser (no pic, fml).

Unrelated News
Eh nothing really happened today, so no comments there. Though I didn't play 'til late, and I honestly didn't feel motivated enough to play, so I didn't really expect a lot to happen anyway. Now I'm gonna continue watching Pokemon. Cya!


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