Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 448

Day 448

The rain had subsided today, which is a little disappointing, but I know it can't stick around forever like I wish it would so I guess I'm happy with what I got. It took a little while to get into the swing of things today, but once I'd done my duties on Main Street, things seemed to pick up a little bit. I stumbled across a lost item down on the beach whilst going to plant my fertilizer. I picked it up and went to look for its owner, finding them easily, being Benjamin. I was expecting some boring reward like I usually get, but somehow I managed to get his pic as a reward. I guess this ends the no villager pic drought, plus I got a pic off a villager I haven't gotten one off yet, bonus!

Re-tails turnip prices had gone down, and actually were almost as low as I hoped, at a mere 22 bells apiece. I was hoping they'd go down to the teens, possibly even the single digits, and maybe they were in the AM, but I didn't get the chance to check the morning prices.

Julian invited me over to his house, and since he wanted me over that very second, I was happy to come over. Additionally, I've been sending him items for his house and I wanted to see how it's going. It's going nicely tbh, it's definitely getting there. I spoke to him to bring up the "wanna buy something" dialogue, but the only things I needed out of his house were the bugs/fish, but none of them were for sale as the game registered it as me wanting to buy the table. After realizing I couldn't buy anything, I left.

Ricky wanted me to fetch him a piece of fruit, and doing so, took the last of my perfect apples, now my supply is empty. I should probably get some more later today or tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll get around to it. Anyway, for giving Ricky a perfect apple, he gave me an exquisite wall.

In other news, Rosie wanted to sell me her kitchen flooring, but it was too high priced for me, so I politely declined, which made Rosie decide to give it to me for free. Tia also wanted me to catch her a butterfly (which I declined), and I managed to somehow to catch a lovely dorado.

Unrelated News
Yeah, things were in a slump today, nothing interesting seemed to happen... Oh well, there's always tomorrow, and I did manage to get a new villager pic, so I'm happy regardless. Now time to go watch some more Pokemon so I can get this done by the time ORAS release. Cya!


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