Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 449

Day 449

Being a Sunday morning meant that Joan would be about selling turnips. I was hoping for a low price, even though I didn't have any plans on buying any. Sure enough, Joan was selling turnips for a nice 96 bells apiece, and I certainly did consider buying some this week, but looking at the declining week in the stalk market I just had, I decided against buying some in case that same pattern happened this week.

Leaving Joan behind I made my way over to Benjamin's house, who wanted me to deliver something to Bree, but was "too hungry to move" to do it himself. Even though I didn't believe his excuse, I was happy to take it off his hands and deliver it to Bree. Thankfully, Bree was at her house so she was easy to find, and I handed her the gift, which contained a melon tee. Bree gave me a bubble tank for making the delivery.

Whilst I was making my way over to Bree's house, I spoke to Beardo, who wanted me to visit him right away. Since he wanted me over this very moment, and I wasn't in a huge rush to make the delivery to Bree, I took him up on his offer and made my way over to his house. Inside, I spoke to him so he'd ask if there was anything I'd like to buy, and I bought the shirt he had on display, and left shortly after.

Of course the day I run out of perfect fruit, is the day one of my villagers specifically wants a perfect fruit, the culprit being Ricky (who funnily enough ate the last of my perfect apple stash). Luckily for him, I had a huge supply of prefect cherries, so I had to give him one of those, not as good as a foreign fruit, but it was better than nothing. For giving him a nice snack, he handed me a tea tansu.

To end my day, I spoke to Rosie who had a time capsule she wanted me to bury. I took the capsule off her hands and made my way over to her house, dug a hole, and buried her time capsule there. Now I've just gotta wait until the day comes for her to ask me to dig it up again.

Unrelated News
Yeah, another somewhat boring day today. At least some decent things happened today, and getting a time capsule is always fun, so I guess it wasn't a big waste of time. Now I've just gotta work on finding out who is gonna leave next, since I still fear someone'll randomly move out lol. Now I'm gonna go watch some more Pokemon. Cya!


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