Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 450

Day 450

I feel like 450 is some mini milestone, and that I should make a big deal about it, but day 500 will be in just under 2 months, so I don't see much of a point to make it anything. The game decided otherwise though, and changed the color of the grass and the leaves into their first stage fall color. I kinda like this color scheme it's got going on, but I feel that about most things when a new season color rolls by. Additionally, the sweet olive bushes had also started budding.

Another thing totally unexpected but happened anyway was that tomorrow would mark the autumn moon in Skyfall. I keep thinking this is something like the summer solstice, where it remains sunny all day (which is what it says on the bulletin board), but I know we celebrated that back in June and received some ladder shades from Isabelle. I think the autumn moon just means it will be a lot brighter tomorrow as the sun is out, but will still get dark at night time? I guess I could look back at last years post, but I'm happy to wait for tomorrow and be surprised then.

Over at the plaza was Redd's tent, so as usual, I went inside to browse his artworks. Of course, nothing that I needed in stock, and to rub salt into the wound, the same real artwork he had this week was the same as last weeks iirc. Oh well.

Fake - it should have two children

Fake - her headband should be blue

Real - there is no fake

Fake - she shell should be opened

Shortly after leaving Redd's tent I stumbled across Ricky, who also had a painting he wanted to sell to me. As usual, I took the risk and bought it, not knowing if it was real or fake, but once I put it in my house, it turned out to be a painting that doesn't have a fake. I've been having good luck with buying paintings off villagers recently...

Rosie wanted to invite me over, but it was a set time so I didn't agree to visiting her. Tbh I was actually playing around the time she wanted me to come over (give or take 5-10 minutes), but even if I agreed, I probably would've forgotten about i.

We also had a new resident who had placed their house plot, which belongs to Mott. Now I believe Mott is a lion, but now I'm gonna google just to double check... and yes he is. From looking at him, he doesn't really appeal to me, but it will be cool having a lion in town. Also glad he plotted his house just avoiding the path. Sure, he took out some of the bushes, but I've got enough of them I can easily replant them once he moves out.

Beardo was interested in me getting him a new piece of furniture, and to be fair to him, his house actually looks really bare (I think that's the right bare? It's either bare or bear idk), but I didn't end up getting him anything. Not only was I too lazy, but there wasn't anything decent in the Nookling's shop that would go with his house.

Troll game is troll game, and of course day #2 of having no foreign perfect fruit left I get asked by someone to get them a piece of fruit, this time being Tia. At least she didn't specifically want a perfect fruit like Ricky yesterday, granted, I could've easily gotten her a perfect cherry, but I had a lone peach in my storage so I gave her that, and she gave me a green tie-dye tee in return.

Turnip prices weren't much to look at either... That said it is only Monday, but for a Monday morning they don't look to be that good. Not sure what the trend will be this week, but I'm predicting a random or an increasing week.

And to end this post, I felt a little creative today so I felt like making a new design. Of course, I just made an alteration to the basic-blue tee I made forever ago, but it's a nice improvement to the shirt regardless. I really made it as a joke so please don't take it seriously (but if you wanna look trendy and cool you should wear it!).

Unrelated News
Yup, that was my day. Pretty happy with what I got done. I think I mentioned yesterday I was waiting for someone to ping me to move out, but I forgot that I don't think anyone pings unless you have 9 villagers in your town? But now that Mott is moving in tomorrow, someone should hopefully ping in the next few days... Hopefully it'll be either Beardo or Benjamin since I want them out the most... I'm also thinking of getting rid of Rosie or Tia, but I'm honestly not sure yet. It's just my permanent villager list is now Ricky, Bree, Rosie, Tia, Beau, Benjamin, which is 6, and I usually don't ever get a full village, so that's only 3 villagers who can move in, because I like cycling through villagers having a nice variety in my town... So I am looking to get rid of someone so I can cycle through them quicker but I'm not sure if I'm ready to let them go or not... Anyway, time to watch Pokemon (I haven't watched any today!). Cya!


  1. Hi i have perfect pears i can give you if you need non native perfect fruit


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