Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 452

Day 452

I never knew landscaping would come back to bite me, but apparently it did. During yesterdays landscape I cut down all the pear trees and sold off the ones I didn't need (which was dumb of me to do), and thus, today Ricky asks for me to get him a pear... Unfortunately I didn't have any on me so I had to decline his request.

The bulletin board told me there'd be a meteor shower tonight. I don't think I'll end up playing again today so I doubt I'll witness it. I probably should though since it's been a while since I saw one, but meh.

Shortly after, Beardo asked me if I could deliver something to Ricky for him. I was happy to deliver it to Ricky, and was happy Beardo asked me to do the delivery, hoping it'd make it up to Ricky after disappointing him earlier today. I handed Ricky the package which contained a cow skull (which actually goes with his western-themed house, so I'm hoping he displays it), and rewarded me with a red jacket,

Mott was also home so I decided to stop by and check out how his house looks. It doesn't really have a theme to it other than "junk yard" but I really like how it looks. He also has a few sloppy items, and a cardboard one, too, so here's hoping I can nab a piece or two before he leaves.

Turnip prices had picked up from yesterdays. Though I only got to check them in the morning, which were at 110 bells apiece, I'm gonna assume that that is going to be a random week in the stalk market. I guess we'll find out from tomorrows prices if they seem to be a random pick.

Home visits were on the minds of both Tia and Beau - Tia wanted me over to admire her decorating skills, and Beau wanted to come visit me as he was bored with hanging out at his own house. Unfortunately for the two, both of them were at set times, so as always, I had to decline.

...And on the landscaping side of things, I don't think I actually did any landscaping on Skyfall, but I did work on my house. I've now moved the Japanese theme upstairs, and working on turning the entrance room into a cabana/resort themed room, getting rid of the Rococo set I had upstairs. Whilst I was doing my redecorating Bree stopped by for a short visit, and left after a very short time.

Unrelated News
Happy I finally obtained the cabana set because that was the main thing stopping me from redecorating my house. Now I just need to do a lot of island hopping to grab a few novelties for the room (I'm still unsure on how to decorate it though). And all my landscaping I did yesterday seemed to work (as in no trees/bushes died), and it actually looks good. It'll probably take me a while to landscape the remaining parts of Skyfall, but if I do a little bit each day (which is what I'm aiming for), it should be done by the end of the year. Now to watch some more Pokemon. Cya!

Rosie seems to think they're bffs despite the fact Mott 
 only moved in yesterday...

This is the landscaping I did yesterday, IMO it looks so much better now that the area isn't spammed with flowers. Basically I'm just going to try plant more trees/bushes in the empty areas of Skyfall, and try remove the flower spam.


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