Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 453

Day 453

I headed down to the beach to pull out the items I had bought from the island yesterday, as I forgot to get them then, and whilst I was there, I decided to check to beaches for Gulliver. Sure enough, he'd washed ashore once again and I went through with the usual drama - spending forever to wake him up, and then listening to his wild tales to help send him on his way. This week I managed to guess correctly. My options were;
- Iceland
- Canada
- Russia
- Switzerland

Tia and Beau must've learned their lessons from yesterday... But they had switched roles. Today it was Tia who wanted to visit me instead of Beau, and similarly, t was Beau who wanted me to visit instead of Tia. Both had also seemed to change it up and wanted to do the visits immediately, instead of waiting for a set time, so I was more than happy to take them to their desired houses. In Beau's house he didn't have anything I needed to buy as I was happy with his house, so I left shortly after arriving, and Tia seemed to stay at my house for a little bit (you can also have a look at the cabana theme I've been working on, but it's nothing much).

I thought a one day troll was enough, but the game decided to troll me for the second day in a row, for the same thing... Again today, Ricky was after a pear... and since my pear tree's still haven't grown, I was unable to fetch him one... They say things come in three's... I wonder if he'll ask me for another pear tomorrow, lol. Also you can see he replaced his tall mini cactus with the cow skull he received from Beardo yesterday, I like the change.

That was just about it for today, except the afternoon prices were a moderate 145 bells apiece. I didn't get a chance to check the AM prices, but with all the prices I've got so far, definitely looks like this will be a random week.

Unrelated News
I feel like I had a lot more to post about, but I guess merging Beau and Tia's home visits into one really make it look shorter. I also did a little landscaping today, and fixed up some areas I've been wanting to do for a while. I'm also going out tomorrow night, not sure when I'll be leaving, but as I mentioned on twitter, the past two nights my internet's gone out at around 11pm, so whether or not that decided to continue tonight and tomorrow night, and what time I actually get home ('cause I doubt I'll blog before I leave), tomorrows post might be delayed until Saturday, but that's a big might, I've no idea of my net will die again tonight, or even tomorrow. Now time to watch Pokemon (which I wasn't able to watch yesterday as I had no internet). Cya!


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