Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 454

Day 454

Clouds had rolled over in Skyfall and I was hoping for a little rain, but there was no such luck. To add to the gloomy weather though, Beau told me he planned on leaving Skyfall in the coming day, the 17th being his departure date. As most of you know, I like Beau, and he's probably my favorite deer villager (alongside Erik), so with that in mind I decided to tell him not to go, and he reconsidered his moving plans, staying in Skyfall a little longer.

Ricky was having a problem with his cabin bed and asked if I was able to find anything to replace it, being the same size as the cabin bed. Unfortunately for Ricky, his cabin bed is a key piece to his house, so I didn't get him anything. Thinking about it now though, a cabin couch actually would be a nice replacement for it... Maybe next time he asks for it to be replaced I'll give him one of those and see how that looks.

With today's turnip prices I am happy to say that I'm almost certain that this is a random turnip week. The morning prices were at 82 bells, a slightly big change from the previous ~140 going price. I didn't check the PM prices but since it's a random week, the chances of them being big are slim.

Over at the plaza I noticed the campsite was in use, and inside was Derwin. Now I'm not too sure about this, but I think I may have had Derwin in the campsite before. I'm too lazy to go back through the camper tag and check though, but I'm fairly certain I've had him before (if not then I guess I'm going insane). Just like last time he was in the campsite, I didn't ask him to move in.

Tia was hungry and as soon as I read those words I feared the worst, a three day in a row troll, and that she'd want a pear. Thankfully she was after the simple cherry, and luckily for her I had a perfect cherry in my pockets. I took it out and gave it to her, which she seemed to love, and she gave me her pic in return!

Just as I was about to head off, I decided to stop by and visit Rosie, but turns out she's sick... again. I don't know how long ago she was sick (it feels like it was only a week ago?), but I'm pretty sure it was recently. None the less, I headed back to Main Street to grab some medicine, returning to Skyfall and handed it to her. One dose down, two to go.

Unrelated News
I was planning on blogging after I got home or on Saturday morning (or a double post at night), but I've got like an hour to waste before I'e got to head out so I decided to use that time and blog instead of waiting around doing nothing. For those interested, my internet didn't cut out last night like it had the past two (well actually, it did cut out, but it was honestly for no longer than a minute, so I wont count it), but I didn't watch any Pokemon as I got side tracked watching The Amazing Race lol. Now I've gotta find something to do to keep me occupied for an hour before I head out for the night. Cya!


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