Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 455

Day 455

A lovely rainy day in Skyfall today. I was incredibly happy to turn my game on and be greeted by this glorious weather. After sitting back to enjoy the rain for a short while, I stumbled upon Beau who wanted me to deliver a gift to Beardo for him. I was happy do deliver it for him, and I enjoyed taking to walk in the rain to take it over to Beardo. I handed it to Beardo and it contained a shirt, and he gave me an orange in return.

On my way over to Beardo I saw Tia, and she wanted me to get a petition signed for her, by six residents from another town. As it always seems to be lately, I didn't have any plans to venture out of Skyfall, so I had to decline. Of course, looking back now, I could've killed two birds with one stone, organize to trade with someone for some prefect fruit, and get my petition signed whilst I was there, but I've already declined so...

Rosie was still sick today, which must suck, as she wasn't able to enjoy the rain (though being a cat I'm not certain if she even likes the rain). But regardless if she wanted to go out and enjoy the weather, she was still sick, so I gave her her second dosage of medicine. Just one more tomorrow and she'll be fine.

Turnips do look to have had a random week this week. Today in the afternoon they were going for 69 bells apiece. I didn't have a chance to check the AM prices, but I'm not too bothered by them, as it definitely looks to be a random week.

Just as I was about to head off for the day, I checked the police station to see if anyone was in town, and Booker informed me Saharah was in town. I looked around Skyfall for her, and discovered her up near the campsite. I spoke to her and took her over to my house, giving her 3,000 bells in exchange for an interior makeover. I received a lab floor and a blue trim wall. I don't believe either of them are exclusives though.

Unrelated News
Today was an okay day I guess. Not a lot happened, and I would like to know which villager plans on moving next since Beau pinged yesterday but I told him to stay... But I'm sure if I keep asking around I'll find out sooner or later. Other than that, I've just been playing the Smash Bros demo, which is okay I guess, but once you've played as each character a few times it gets repetitive. I'm not all that excited for the 3DS version anyway, I plan on picking up with WiiU version instead. Anyway, now to watch Pokemon or The Amazing Race (whatever takes my fancy), and then some dinner. Cya!


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