Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer - Day 4

Heading into Nook's Homes, I was greeted by Isabelle (who had told me yesterday she would be here in the morning), and she was interested in holding a completion ceremony for the newly built school. I was more than happy to attend the ceremony, and off Isabelle and I went, along with some residents and some passer-by's . Once the ceremony was complete, I took a gander inside the school, and was happy to see it still getting a good workout.

After checking out the school, I went back to Nook's Homes, and Lottie was incredibly pleased knowing that the town could start being developed, before she was interrupted by a kangaroo named Carrie. Carrie was interested in actually having a block of land built, and have her house built there. This was the first time I've ever done an exterior design job, but Lottie had a lot of faith in me. I picked out a plot I thought that looked nice, and one that would fit with Carrie's request - a place where children could play.

With the plot of land chosen, we went off to her new land area, and started to design her house. Much like the interior remodels, Carrie had an item she wanted used for her exterior, being an elephant slide. After a lot of fiddling (due to it being my first exterior), I finally created a space that felt true to Carrie's request, as well as one that I was happy with.

With the exterior complete, I headed inside to see what Carrie wanted me to use. She only had 2 items, and both of them were small, one-spaced items, so nothing that would take up a lot of room, or be difficult to work with. Though with that said, her interior was a slight problem. I found her request to be hard to work with, given what items I had unlocked. I didn't spend as much time as I usually do on interiors, due to not having much stuff to go off, so the overall final product was lacklustre, but it could have been worse. After completing her house, I gained access to the greetings emotion.

After a long hard day designing Carrie's interior and exterior, I went back to Nook's Homes and spoke with Lottie, who was happy with the huge amount of effort I had put in today. She also took notice of my "talent", and told me that I should be outside, grabbing clients myself, instead of waiting for them to come inside. She seemed pleased with her own idea, and suggest I take the rest of the day off, ready to poach clients tomorrow.


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