"Final Wave" of Gen III Pokemon Come to Pokemon GO

Announced this morning, the final wave of Gen III Pokemon will be arriving in Pokemon GO on February 9th. The wave will include mainly flying-type Pokemon, with some few additions such as Beldum and Chimecho. Rayquaza will also make it's debut as a raid boss.

In addition to this, Hoenn Pokemon will completely take over wild encounters until February 13th, and a bunch of new raid bosses and egg hatches are arriving on the scene as well. New special boxes which include raid passes, incubators and star pieces will also be available in the shop, and lure modules will remain active for 6 hours, until February 23rd.

Whilst The Pokemon Company did announce this as the "final wave" of Pokemon from the Hoenn region, this choice of wording was left out from the Official Pokemon GO's announcement, as Pokemon such as the Nincada and Clampearl families, Spinda, and Kecelon still seem to be missing (and of course, Smeargle from Gen II). When these Pokemon will finally be added to the game is unknown, as it's likely Niantic are still trying to figure out how to make their unique mechanics work in the Pokemon GO universe.

The final wave of Hoenn Pokemon will go live Saturday February 10th, 8am AEDEST.


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