Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.2.2 Datamine

Whilst we understand we may be a little late on the update, here's what to expect in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the upcoming weeks. The last time we spoke about any Pocket Camp news was back in December and a lot of updates have come to the game since then. Starting March, we are going to try our best to provide regular updates to the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp world!

A number of additions found in the datamine have already been added to the games, so we're going to quickly rush by them and then get into the upcoming features. Firstly is Leif's Spring Flowers Event which added a number of new spring-themed items. The event has the player planting special Spring Flowers to attract Lady Bugs, which can be exchanged for Leaf Tickets, furniture, crafting resources and clothing. Currently the first wave of Yellow and Pink Lady Bugs are only in the game, but very soon on March 3rd, the second wave, including Purple and Navy Lady Bugs, will drop with more rewards The event is currently running, and will continue until March 9th.

A large assortment of new clothes were just added yesterday, and the adorable Celeste and her telescope have also been added recently. The new clothing items include a bootleg Sailor Moon outfit; and Celeste's Telescope is available until April 29th, to hopefully give you enough time to earn the whopping 350 Leaf Tickets required to craft one.

With the current events and updates out of the way, it's time to check out what we've got to look forward to in the upcoming weeks! First and foremost, a number of Mario themed items were spotted in the games code, and with Mario day coming up the day after Leif's Event ends (March 10), it seems fitting that this would be the next event to appear in game. Whilst we are currently unsure as to what the event will entail, we assume it will involve the player collecting Super Mushrooms that can be exchanged for the Super Mario items.

The final most notable addition would be the inclusion of the new Harmonious Essence, which adds a number of new villagers, furniture items and amenities. The new Harmonious Essence seems to give off a zen-vibe, as the new included furniture items include the Exotic Series, and the Dharma, among an assortment of others.

 As mentioned, there are also a number of new villagers and amenities that have been added, with a total of 5 villagers, and 6 amenities. The list of villagers include; Bill, Curt, Drago, Gladys and Margie - and the amenities can be viewed below.

Though this was a very short and late update, we hope to be able to bring more reliable and current updates in the future. Special thanks to the reddit user bluesun for the datamine, and you can check out the datamine in full over at reddit.



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