Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.3.0 Datamine

It wasn't that long ago the previous version dropped, but with mobile apps constantly being updated, it was no surprise the 1.3.0 version dropped and was swiftly datamined, with a few surprises in store!

Now before you get excited, this datamine isn't anywhere near as big as the previous one, and only gives an insight to a few upcoming features, but that doesn't mean there's nothing of interest hidden away.

First and foremost, a maintenance update that began at midnight on March 14th added a couple of minor things to the game. Catching fish and bugs will now result in their size being recorded, and their sizes can be checked in your catalogue at any given time, and you can also plant, harvest and water multiple flowers at once in your garden. The game also offers 20 Leaf Tickets as a thank you for your patience during the down time. The players inventory has also been expanded to hold an additional 50 items, and a friends entire Market Box can now be viewed straight from the Friend's Menu.

As for the actual content discovered in the update, four new villagers were added into the game, being Snake, Merry, Broccolo and Bam. This time no new essences were added, so these four new villagers will fit in with the already existing essence types.

A number of new clothing and furniture items were also added alongside the update - one being the Shamrock Hat which was released earlier today. Whilst none of these new items are too interesting, they did sneak in four furniture pieces from the Egg Series, being the Egg Rug, Egg Clock, Egg Bench and Egg Table. With Easter in less than a month, it's no surprised they are starting preparations for an inevitable event.

Finally, the second wave of Mario items for the event were added. The new "currency" for making the second set of items will be a 1-Up Mushroom, and will allow the player to craft more Mario items, including the Luigi Outfit. Items included for the Fishing Tourney were also added up this update, but we've already covered that.

And that just about wraps up all the notable additions in the 1.3.0 update. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news!

Special thanks to the reddit user SenorDeebs for sharing, and user blueson for the datamine. You can check out the datamine in full over at reddit.



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