New Single-Player Expansion Coming to Splatoon 2

Announced in this mornings Nintendo Direct, Splatoon 2 will be receiving two major updates in the coming months. The first free update will be the version 3.0 update coming this April. The update will include over 100 new pieces of gear, new stages starting to roll out (including Piranha Pit, Camp Tiggerfish, and Wahoo World), as well as introduce a new rank, called Rank X, which is even higher than the already existing Rank S+! Meeting "certain conditions" will also allow Callie to appear in Octo Canyon, and two new songs are penned for online multiplayer.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Coming this Winter, for $30 AUD you can purchase the Octo Expansion and immerse yourself in a whole new single-player campaign, playing as the Octoling, Agent 8 - an Octoling without memories. The new story mode will include 80 missions, and include new stories that will further expand on the lives of your beloved Splatoon characters, and expand on the lore within the Splatoon world. Beating the new single player campaign will allow you to play as an Octoling during online multiplayer, and if you pre-order the pack now, you will immediately receive special Octoling-themed gear to add to you Inkling.

Splatoon will update to version 3.0 in April, and the Octoling Expansion will be coming this Winter, for $30 AUD. You can check out the full reveal below.


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