Fortune Cookie Update Coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A big update will be coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in the near future which will bring a number of snazzy new items. Look below to see what this update will add! 

The official website announced the first details for this update, and has the following to say about Fortune Cookies:

What Are Fortune Cookies?
They're strange cookies that give you furniture or clothing items when you eat them!
The rarity of the items you can get depends on how many ☆s they have.

Fortune Cookie Shop
The Fortune Cookie Shop will open in Market Place after the next update.
When you eat one of the cookies sold there, you will get a random item based on the type of cookie. You can even check which items are in each type of cookie—and their odds of appearing—before exchanging for a cookie!

You can obtain fortune cookies with Bells or Leaf Tickets—but some can be acquired only by trading in Leaf Tickets.
You might even get fortune cookies as gifts from your animal friends.

There are a variety of cookies available at the shop.
Cookies will be switched out every once in a while, so make sure you check back often!

Stamp Cards
For each cookie you obtain with Leaf Tickets, you will earn one stamp!
Once you’ve earned 10 stamps, you’ll have earned a full stamp card.

You can trade stamp cards in for a variety of items, depending on how many of them you have.
You can even trade them for items you can normally get only from fortune cookies.

Cookie Introduction
Here's a sneak peek at some of the fortune cookies you can get with Leaf Tickets in the next update.
There are many more cookies to come, so look forward to them!

- Marshal's pastry cookie
You can get cool pastry-shop items that are perfect for spring.
It's the perfect time to open your own café!

- Rosie's pop-star cookie
You can get pop-star items to reproduce a live stage performance.
The campsite's pop stars can take to the stage!

- Filbert's rocket cookie
You can get spacefaring items overflowing with the spirit of adventure.
Change into the space outfit to feel like an astronaut!

Sometimes these cookies will be available for Bells as well, so make sure to check the Fortune Cookie Shop regularly!

New furniture with associated memories is coming! If you obtain this furniture and fulfil other requirements, such as having the necessary animals visit, you can view special memories starring the animals!

- Items contained in each fortune cookie vary. Each item is awarded randomly based on a fixed percentage that can be checked beforehand.
- Fortune cookies available in the shop are random, and the selection rotates daily.
- Fortune cookies on rotation can be acquired with Bells.
- There is a limit to how many fortune cookies can be acquired with Bells each day.
- Some fortune cookies can be obtained with Leaf Tickets any number of times.
- Stamps are only awarded when fortune cookies are acquired with Leaf Tickets.
- The number of full stamp cards required to trade for each item varies.
- The trading period varies for each item that can be acquired with stamp cards.

Whilst the update mentions it will be "big", it is possible more features will be added and revealed soon. No word has been said as to when the update will drop, but they have said there will be more information tomorrow. Follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news!



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