Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.4.2 Datamine

Another day, another datamine, and this time it's the 1.4.2 update for us to take a nice long look at and get an idea of what's to come to Pocket Camp over the next few weeks.

As fortune cookies seem to be the latest big thing in Pocket Camp, it's no surprise they keep adding more and more with each update, and this time it appears Stitches will be receiving his very own Patch Cookie, which will include a large array of patchwork themed furniture and clothing items. You can obtain his fortune cookie from May 17th - June 16th.

Fortune Cookie's aren't the only returning feature, as the fishing tourney will also be appearing again. This time a few more details have been confirmed, including the competition fish; sea butterfly, puffer fish and the moray eel, which will begin on May 19th and last until the 24th. It seems you'll also be able to receive a cute little hat.

And the third point of interest would be new villagers and essences, this time adding the Modern essence with a number of villagers attached. The modern theme is expected to go live on May 15th, and will introduce us to Naomi, Poppy, and Wolfgang, and later bring in Carmen and Zell on May 25th.

As with any new theme, it also brings along a number of amenities and furniture items to go alongside. Three new amenities and a bunch of new furniture and clothing items have been added to tie in with the theme.

 A bunch of new Gulliver treats and a string of new villagers with no data attached to them were also added, suggesting some more Gulliver-exclusive villagers could be making their way into the game very soon. These villagers include Egbert, Lobo, Robbin, Tucker and Vic.

Similar to how Brewster was spotted previously, this time it seems Digby had made a surprise appearance... and that's about it. Whether he will receive his own special item, or will be the host to an upcoming event remains to be seen. Only time will tell...

As always, we've only chosen to include the most notable pieces of interest in this update, thus have omitted a few of the new clothing, furniture and rugs that tie in with the modern theme. If you want to check all these items out for yourself, head on over to reddit where the datamine first took place. Once again, special thanks to reddit users GrotNotMock and PCbluesun for the initial datamine, and SenorDeeebs for sharing.


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