Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.5.0 Datamine

As said in our previous post, we didn't expect it'd be long until we received a meatier datamine, and just over a week later, the latest update dropped giving us a glimpse of the upcoming events and features to see in the game over the coming weeks!

Fortune Cookies still seem to be a big thing, and this time we are getting treated to Whitney's Fortune Cookie. As with every cookies we've seen thus far, they are all tied to the villagers personality, and Whitney's ties in with an element, wedding theme.

Weddings may as well be one of the themes of this update, because in unexpected news, the Gyroidite Hunt is to return, peculiarly copying the wedding theme. The Gyroidite is also dressed up in a little wedding outfit, and the rewards grant more wedding themed items.

And fortunately, that's about where the wedding theme stops, but only to bring in yet another theme - historical. You may remember in a previous datamine Lobo, Vic, Eggbert, Robin and Tucker were all added into the game with no content besides them. Now we know these villagers will be the first wave of Historical themed villagers. Of course, with their addition brings a number of new amenities, which really fit with the vibe of the theme.
As with any new essence, the furniture and clothing items added reflect the theme, so expect to see a number of historic pieces of clothing and furniture. Since there are way too many to post below, we've just included a few of them. If you want to check them all out, head on over to reddit.

And that about wraps up this datamine. The only other thing worth nothing was the addition of three fish themed items. It's possible these will be rewards for an upcoming Fishing Tourney, but much like when the Historical villagers were added, nothing else was added alongside them, so we can't confirm anything outside of speculation.

As always, if you want to check out the datamine in full, you can do so over at reddit. Special thanks for reddit user SenorDeeebs for posting this information. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr for all the latest Animal Crossing news!



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