Nintendo's "Smashing" Animal Crossing News - E3 2018

With Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announced, it was no surprise that Villager would return to the series. Whilst this may have been the only Animal Crossing news we received this year, there's still a decent amount to look at to see what's changed.

Undergoing a slight appearance change, his moveset remains mostly the same. The most notable addition would be his special move, which allows the player to see which item they have pocketed, rather than relying on memory. A better overview of his moveset can seen in the Smash presentation, which we covered earlier.

As for the Animal Crossing stages, both Smashville, Town and City, and Tortimer Island have been confirmed to be returning, the former having a very nice graphical overhaul. All 8 character costumes from the previous title are returning, too, and we expect the Pitfall and Beehive items will return, alongside Isabelle as an Assist Trophy. We also expect the Mii Fighter costumes to make an appearance.

Whilst it may not be the Animal Crossing news some were hoping for, at least it's something. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7th for Nintendo Switch. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with all the Nintendo and Animal Crossing news.


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