Water Festival Returns to Pokemon GO!

After the success of the second Adventure Week, it comes to no surprise that Niantic would want to keep their user base active, and as such, they've swiftly announced the return of the Water Festival to Pokemon GO which will last until July 21, complete with a  bunch of in-game perks, and bonuses!

As with most themed events, the type in question will receive increased spawns, so expect to see a bunch of Water-type Pokemon poppig up all over the place. Additionally, catching Water-type Pokemon will net you 3x the amount of stardust, so it's a good way to farm if you're in need of powering up Pokemon. Totodile, Mudkip and Corphish have also been added to 2km eggs, and hatching any egg will result in 2x the amount of candy and stardust!

Raid bosses have also been updated slightly, with Shellder and Omanyte appearing in Tier I raids, Croconaw and Marshtomp in Tier II, Starmie, Vaporeon, and Sharpedo in Tier III, and Walrein to Tier IV. Kyogre also appears as a Legendary Raid Boss, and has a chance of being shiny. In addition to Magikarp and Wailmer, Shellder also has a chance of being shiny when encountered in the wild, or as a Raid Boss.

Similar to Adventure Week, special research tasks to coincide with the Water Festival had been added, which grant players either a Magikarp, Wailmer or Shellder as a reward, all having the chance of being shiny.

Three special boxes are also available in the shop, which you can buy for a bunch of coins to buy fabled items by the bundle.

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