Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.6.0b Datamine

With a few Tweets showing us some unknown events, such as Redd's Mask Emporium, and the third Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt, it was inevitable the next update was incoming, and a datamine would follow up along side. Though small, it seems this update will carry us to the end of the month, so let's take a look at what to expect.

As already mentioned, Redd's Mask Emporium has arrived, which acts similar to Celeste and Brewster. You can craft his Mask Emporium for 350 Leaf Tickets if you want Redd to visit your campsite. Though it is a lot of Leaf Tickets, Redd's Mask Emporium can be crafted until September 17th, so that should be more than enough time for players to craft if they wish.

The third Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt will start on July 20th and will last until the end of the month. This time, players can earn jelly-themed rewards, including clothing and furniture items to decorate their campsite with.

It wouldn't be an update without a fortune cookie, and with it brings Bluebear's Party Cookie, filled with delicious dessert and treat filled items. If you wish to collect all these items, they can be obtained from fortune cookies, you can do so for 50 Leaf Tickets.

Some new villagers are also coming, and as teased in the previous update, the villagers Cube and Penelope will come on July 27th. We expect the others villagers to enter our pockets sometime in early August, so it shouldn't be too far off. 

Some more information about the next Fishing Tourney has risen, and is expected to start on July 25th and last until the 30th. The fish you can catch are entirely new fish not seen in Animal Crossing before, and are the Achilles Surgeonfish, Spotted Knifejaw and Black Clown Fish. As with any other Tourney, by catching these fish you'll be able to net yourself an array of sweet items.

And to finish things off, a bunch of new clothing and furniture items have been added, though mainly from the Sweet and Robo-themed series.

That does it for this datamine. As mentioned, we expect the enxt one to roll out sometime during early August, so keep an eye our for then! As always, thanks to reddit user SenorDeeebs for the datamine. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news!



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