Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Version 1.7.0 Datamine

As mentioned in the latest update, we expected the next one to be forced sometime early August, and within the first day of the month, that update arrived.

To kick things off, a new start up screen was added to tie in with the seasonal change. The new screen is to tie in with the fall season.
On the front of fortune cookies, everyone favorite horse, Julian, received his own fortune cookie, complete with night-sky, astrology themed items. Based on fan feedback, it seems Julian's fortune cookie is set to be one of the most popular ones yet! Julian's cookie will be available until the end of September.

The next fishing tourney has also made an appearance, which will run from August 14th - August 19th. As usual, players will catch three types of fish to earn unique rewards. This time, the fish players are required to catch are the Guppy, Piranha, and the newly added Golden Koi.

Pascal will also be making an appearance as a special NPC whose kiddie pool. Players can start crafting the pool on August 13th, and will have until October 12th to create one.

On August 3rd, Redd will be moving away from his mask emporium and run his own event - Redd's Summer Festival. As a usual gardening event, players will plant special flowers to attract unique bugs, which can be caught and exchanged for unique items. These items are traditional Japanese items. To tie in with the event, a new fireworks terrain will also be added.

And for a special gift, Toad's Hat will be available as a gifts for all for all players on August 10th and will be available until September 10th.

The official website went over the immediate updates to the game, which mainly focused on updating the Goals page, and a few minor bug fixes. As an apology, the team has sent out 20 Leaf Tickets to players for the inconvenience for the downtime. A full look at the update can be seen below:

New Look for Goals
Goals have been given a complete makeover!
· Recommended goals are now highlighted.
· Goal requirements are displayed more clearly.
· A Goal Guide has been added, which offers hints about how to clear goals.
· You can now receive additional prizes as you clear goals.
Give them a try now!

Easier Gardening
· We have increased the tempo for garden controls and animated cutscenes to streamline your gardening experience!
· The time that remains for you to purchase or trade limited-time items is now displayed.

Other Updates
· The maximum number of items (bugs, fish, etc.) you can carry has been increased. (Unlocking the expansion requires Leaf Tickets. The maximum number of items can be increased up to 500 after updating.)
· You can now speak to Lloid to have him explain garden events.
· If you switch between menus or close the menu after changing your outfit, your new outfit will be saved.

Linked Twitter Accounts
After updating, users who have linked their Twitter account may receive a request from Twitter to "Authorize app" when tapping through the following steps:
· More > Friends > Add Friend > Find a Friend > Twitter icon > Update Linked Application Info
· More > Friends > Add Friend > Find a Friend > Friends with Twitter icons
If this happens, you will need to authorize the app again.

Bug Fixes
· We fixed the issue causing the app to suddenly close when a fishing lure catches the attention of two fish shadows at the same time while fishing in Lost Lure Creek.
· We also made adjustments to the on-screen display.

Thank you for your patience during the maintenance period for this update. Please enjoy the following gift!

Leaf Ticket × 20
Availability: From 8/1/18 at 4:00 a.m. to 9/1/18 at 5:59 a.m.
Note: The gift must be collected from your mailbox during this availability period.

And that wraps up this latest update. Thanks to reddit user SenorDeeebs for the datamine. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing news!



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