Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marketing Material Hits The West

Just a few hours ago we noted how it was very possible we could get new info in the coming week, as well as the fact a delay was not possible due to the amount of marketing material in Japan. At the time of posting there was no such material outside of Japan, but it seems Tom Nook has heard us, and now promo material has started popping up in Walmart stores across the US and Canada.

The material itself is minimal and doesn't show off anything new, but it's great to see the game get promoted across the globe, and still reinforcing a stern March 20th release date. The material shows the game running on the three variations of the Switch Lite. Some have speculated this means there won't be an AC themed S-Lite on launch, and instead have assumed a special edition Switch will be revealed.
Regardless of what is and isn't shown, we still think there will be some sort of AC themed Switch hardware, whether it be the standard or Lite, or even a pro controller, we're certain we'll get something. For now, it's just a matter of waiting until we get our next dump of information, which we hope will be soon.

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