More Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed for New Horizons!

As previously reported, a bunch of pre-order bonuses for New Horizons went up for those in the UK yesterday, which included a bunch of key-chains, though oddly enough, there was someone missing, whose name starts with "I" and ends is "sabelle"... As we predicted, this key-chain is now available as a pre-order bonus, exclusive to another store. The UK isn't the only country that has some pre-order bonuses, a few more countries have also come to the party!

Firstly, the missing Isabelle key-chain will be exclusive to those in the UK who pre-order at SimplyGames, and will cost you £41.85 to pre-order the game. This is currently the cheapest pre-order bonus price for the UK thus far, but it all depends how much you're wiling to spend for an extra bonus.

Additionally, for those in Spain, two new pre-order bonuses have just been revealed. Spanish retailer fnac will give early purchasers a nice looking K.K. Slider pin, and Xtralife will give you this adorable looking Animal Crossing themed cleaning cloth.

As predicted, EB Games Australia and New Zealand has joined the bandwagon, grabbing the exclusive key-chains. Unlike the UK, the three designs will all be available at EB Games, but will instead be given out randomly. If you're after another pre-order bonus in Australia, only EB Games has anything announced at the present, but there's always a slight chance JB Hi-Fi will bring something to the table.

Sadly, nothing has been announced for the US as of yet, but our fingers are crossed something comes their way. As always, be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news.


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