Third Round of Animal Crossing Switch Accessories Revealed

Over the past week we've already seen two sets of upcoming Animal Crossing Switch accessories, and now ANOTHER has appeared on Amazon. These ones are specifically New Horizons themed, so if you're after a nice little case for your Switch, you might want to consider checking these out.

There are five new accessories revealed, two being a little pouch for your Switch, two hard cases to protect your Switch Lite, and the other bring a game case, which will hold up to 24 Switch cartridges. The pouches are available in Standard Switch size, and Switch Lite size, and has a very cute art work on it. One of the hard cases for the Switch Lite reuses this art work with a transparent background, too.

The other hard case displays a cropped version of the New Horizons artwork we've seen before, as does the game card case. It should be noted the artwork for the cartridge case is very much a placeholder at the moment, and could very well change later to release, though we don't expect it to change too much.

If you want to purchase any of these accessories for your Switch, head over to amazon Japan. As always, be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news.


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