Animal Crossing Direct - Information Round-Up (20/02/2020)

With the latest Animal Crossing Direct out of the way, we've rounded up all the newly revealed information in one place! If you think you may have missed something, be sure to check this out to stay up to date!

  • Timmy and Tommy will let you chose the map of your Island before you move there, which includes which Hemisphere you want to live in
  • "Gathering Autumn leaves" was mentioned as an activity for the Fall
  • What appears to be Christmas Lights, will fall from decorated trees in the Winter
  • The Resident Services tent is open 24/7 which will allow you to sell and purchase items, create DIY crafts, and receive advice
  • An Ocarina from the Zelda series can be created
  • You can customize DIY crafts, which acts similar to Cyrus's Corner from New Leaf
  • Dodo Airlines is run by a character named Orville, where you can travel/invite others via internet or local wireless
  • You can also use Dodo Airlines to send mail
  • Nook Inc. will provide a few basic items once you've moved into your tent
  • A new NookPhone app that has a Helicopter icon was shown
  • Tom Nook will give an Island-wide Live Broadcast when special events are on
  • Nook Miles points can be used to help pay off your loan, or exchanged for prizes, including furniture, clothing, and new NookPhone covers
  • A new fan item can be equipped
  • Dangerous creatures will appear, including Wasps and Scorpions, which can be cured by medicine
  • You may encounter Wisp whilst exploring at night
  • Gulliver will once again, wash up ashore at random times
  • If you get lost, you can call on a Rescue Service on your NookPhone which will take you back to your tent. This is the Helicopter app and plays music akin to Resetti in previous games
  • Once again, the home load has no deadline
  • Storage is accessible without a wardrobe, similar to the Secret Storage from the Welcome amiibo update
  • Redecorating options from Happy Home Designer are included and expanded on
  • NookMiles can also give you Tickets which will take you to random deserted islands. You can come here to farm materials for DIY crafts, or recruit villagers to come to your Island
  • You can jump over small gaps without a Vault Pole
  • The second Dodo character is named Wilbur
  • During the "Call Islander" co-op feature, any items obtained by anyone who isn't the host will have their items sent to a storage box in Resident Services
    The Nintendo Switch mobile phone app will receive an update to allow QR codes be scanned and updated from NL/HHD and downloaded via NookLink
  • The app can also be used for voice and text chat
  • The app will launch in March, but not on March 20
  • You can pick spots for future houses to be built
  • You can invite Villagers to come to your island
  • Museum, Able Sisters, Nook's Cranny, and Tent are all confirmed to return
  • You can purchase items at the shops that you can't normally craft
  • The new clothing customization feature we previously reported on was shown off
  • The Resident Services Tent will upgrade to a revamped "Town Hall" which allows further customization to Island facilities, such as moving your house and shops
  • Isabelle will work for Nook Inc. and will offer similar facilities in New Leaf, such as changing the flag and town tune
  • Labelle, Harvey, Celeste, Saharah, Kicks, Zipper, Jack, Pave, and Jingle are confirmed to return
  • The new Joan is called Daisy Mae
    C.J. is the new Beaver and Fishing Tourney host
  • Flick is the new Chameleon and Bug-Off host
  • An Island Designer app will let the player freely pave paths on The Island once it's been developed enough
  • You can also adjust the terrain, such as building more land and cliffs once you've developed enough
  • You can have up to 8 players on The Island, and each Nintendo Switch user can register one resident, who can have their own house
  • amiibo figures And cards will be supported, which will bring the characters to tent
  • Harvey will run a cosplay outlet, called Photopia
  • K.K. Slider was shown not to be usable via amiibo, but will be enabled later via updates
  • You can disable other players using destructive items such as Axes and Shovels during online play
  • If you use your save data, Nintendo are working on a service to help recover damaged/lost data, separate from the Cloud
  • There will be numerous free updates, including seasonal updates
  • The first update will be on March 20th, which will let you celebrate Bunny Day in April
  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp/New Horizons will receive cross-promotion, with details being announced later on their Official Twitter Account

Unfortunately for us, the Direct aired at 1am in the morning, and we have to work tomorrow. We've included all the details we could at present, but will further report on any new information that's brought to light, as well as more in-depth posts on the bigger features. You can watch the full presentation below. We'll bring more as it comes.

Update: A tonne of new images have been released, which you can view here.

Please stay tuned, and follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news! 


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