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Like any Animal Crossing title, New Horizons introduces a variety of new villagers and special characters. We've decided to go through and list all the ones we've spotted, and all the information we currently know about them.

The Dodo Bros: Orville and Wilbur
Orville and Wilbur are the resident travel duo who'll help you with all your travel needs. They run a company called Dodo Airlines, which will let you travel to other Islands, as well as let people visit your Island. They also hold a postage service, and will embark the player on Mystery Tours.

Daisy Mae, Flick, and C.J.
Daisy Mae, Flick and C.J. are stand-ins and replace the roles of Joan, Nat and Chip, respectively. It's unknown whether or not the original characters will appear in the game. Though since Joan is one of our favorite characters, we really hope they return in some capacity.

Unnamed Villagers
So far we've spotted 8 new villagers, being a wolf, elephant, sheep, goat, cat, horse, bear, and bear cub. As for their names and personalities, they're not currently known. All these new villagers have received HQ renders, except the wolf and bear, who has remained elusive. The Wolf has only been spotted in merchandise, and briefly from behind in a screenshot of The Museum. Where as the Bear has been seen in merchandise, but also a screenshot from the front.

Update: We've received a number of messages saying the new Wolf villager is Freya, but we don't believe that to be the case. Firstly, we've already seen Freya in New Horizons, and she has white tips on the end of her hair, where this Wolf does not. The Wolf in the merchandise and the screenshot have more of an orange color, instead of Freya's pinkish color. Freya also has higher pointing eyeliner and blue eye shadow, where the new Wolf has lower pointing eyeliner and no eye shadow. Finally, the majority of the Villagers shown in the latest screenshots have their outfits matching their Official Renders. Freya's render has her wearing a Deer Shirt, whilst this new Wolf is wearing a completely different top. At the present, we do not believe this Wolf to be Freya.

Update #2: It's been revealed the new Horse Villager will be called Reneigh

Update #3: With the review embargo lifted, we have learned more names of the new villagers
The Wolf is named Audie
The Sheep is named Dom
The Goat is named Sherb
The Cat is named Raymond
The Elephant is named Cyd
The Bear is named Megan
the Bear Cub is named Judy


  1. The new goat villager is so cute! I also like the nerdy cat, I bet he has a bit of an ego 😂

    1. The goat is Sherb and the cat is Raymond

  2. I gotta know that cub's name-


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