Nintendo of Korea Announces New Horizons Pre-Order Bonuses! (and they're amazing)

It's been a while since a new pre-order bonus has been revealed, that yo might have thought they'd all been announced. Fortunately, a bunch of bonuses were just revealed for South Korea, and they might be the best we've seen yet.

The details come from Nintendo's official South Korean page, and we've had to use the nice and unreliable Google translate to help out, so we apologise for any mistakes. Pre-orders wont go live in South Korea until February 7th, but if you pre-order online at N&Market, or in store at the Hyundai I'Park Mall game store, you'll receive an acrylic Tom Nook key-chain.

If you pre-order at HIMART or HomePlus online, or HomePlus in store, you'll be able to get this absolutely adorable Animal Crossing clock that we'd take in a heartbeat if it ever came over this way.

Online pre-orders at Toys R Us will net you this nice looking drink bottle and a pouch to go with it, and in store at Ministop you'll get a rather cute tote bag (which we like more than the European one!)

Sadly, thus far, all these bonuses are exclusive to Korea, which is a real shame, but if there are any Korean readers here, this might help sway your opinion on where to purchase your game! Be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news! 


  1. News have been spread that the promotion for the ToysRus bottle has been cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak, and that they'll be only handing out sticker sheets and a little doll. Is that true for HIMART? Responding promptly would be great!


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