Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 4

I actually ended up playing a little more after blogging last night, and I'm glad I did because I met two very interesting characters - Wisp and Harvey! Harvey was simply pottering around Nublar, minding his own business as if it were his own Island. I spoke with and he told me he lived on a nearby Island and told me to come over anytime. I'll certainly be checking out his Island later.

As for Wisp... well let's just say he wasn't expecting us, because once I tried to speak with him, I accidentally startled him, and he broke up into 5 Spirits! Apparently Nublar has been inhabited for so long, he wasn't used to seeing others around. He profusely apologized, and then asked if I could bring all 5 Spirits back to him, by catching them with my Net. I was more than happy to help the adorable little ghost out, so I started searching Nublar for those wandering Spirits...

It didn't take me too long to locate all 5 Spirts, so I brought them back to Wisp. He thanked me, and offered me flooring as a reward. He gave me the choice between something I didn't have, or something expensive. Since I have a huge debt I need to pay off, I opted for something expensive, and he handed me over a...  honestly I don't remember. I know he gave me a Flooring of some sort, but I flicked through my catalogue and nothing jumps out at me... Hopefully it wasn't anything that expensive. Now it's finally onto Day 4!

Nook started the day with his usual broadcast, this time telling us the Museum had finally opened, and that Tucker had also moved in. He also said he'd be holding a customization workshop. I was very eager to check these out right away! But first, I had to open my mail. I had two letters with gifts attached, one was from Plucky, the other, the HHA. They contained a Spice Rack and a Refrigerator. I don't really have a need for either, but the Fridge acts as a wardrobe, and I'm not one to complain about free items. (I also forgot to take a "daily house" photo when I booted up my game, so I took one later in the evening, I'll upload it tomorrow)

Now it was time to head over to Resident Services. Tucker had moved in, the Museum was open, the Bridge was completed, my House had been expanded, and there was a customization workshop to attend. I hope Nook has enough time for me. I decided to start with the ceremonies for the Museum and Bridge, as I'm sure Plucky and Rory (and now Tucker) were keen to start using them.

Now that had been taken care of, it was time to attend the customization workshop. Nook said with this skill, I'd be able to change the color and design of furniture, as well as the furnishing patterns! We'd be able to do this by using Customization Kits. He wanted us to test them out on a Wooden Wardrobe (which would have come in handy, had we not just received a Refrigerator).

There were actually a lot more options than I expected, in fact, there were 8 different colors all up. I really liked the designs, and I decided to go with the Cherry Wood color, since it blends with the theme I want part of my House to end up being.

Now the workshop had been complete, Nook let me keep the extra Customization Kits, but also told me they'd be sold at Nook's Cranny in case I ran out. I'm sure they're going to come in handy with the countless possibilities once I grab a few more furniture pieces.

Now all that had been complete, I figured now'd be a good time to welcome Tuker to Nublar. He ended up taking the house with the Stone furniture outside, which made me pleased. For anyone who knows where the name Nublar comes from, given Tucker is based off a Woolly Mammoth, I'm actually very pleased he ended up being Nublar's first move-in. He was still in the process of unpacking, so I let him be for now. I really hope I can keep him around for as long as possible, I'll be looking forward to seeing him around tomorrow.

I had one more request for Nook, and then he'd be done dealing with me for the day. Since my house had been expanded, he gave me my new debt of 348,000 Bells. Luckily, I was still able to pay it off, so my house will be seeing yet another expansion tomorrow. Things might be slowing down from here onward, my funds are starting to run out.

Now it was time to head to the highly anticipated Museum! Being an Owl, Blathers was actually asleep when I came to visit him, but he quickly woke up and gave me a warm welcome. I hope he wasn't too tired, because he's going to have his work cut out for him once I donate all these Critters and Fossils I've been hanging onto. I checked my donations alongside my catches, and the only one I forgot to keep a hold of was the Dace. Thankfully it's a common Fish so it shouldn't be too hard to grab another. (I literally caught one in game as I was typing up this paragraph). I then decided to do some sightseeing in Nublar's newest facility. The Museum sure has a lovely feel to it!

Paying Harvey a visit was the last thing to check off my to-do list for today, so I made my way over to the Airport. Funnily enough, Gulliver had washed up again, in the exact same spot. He once again wanted to help me collect his Communication Parts, and will be sending me a reward in the mail - I hope it's as nice as the Pagoda was! Whilst he was here, I checked to see if he had any interest in the Rusted Part I found yesterday, but he didn't. Still not too sure what to do with it.

Now Gulliver had been helped, it was time to visit Harvey. Since I was at the Airport already, I figured I may as well hop on a Mystery Tour on my way back from Harvey's. It didn't take too long to reach Harvey's Island, which he'd named Photopia, and he gave us a hearty welcome. He'd set up his Island as a photo studio, and let us come take photos whenever we wanted, as well as the ability to change the rooms/sets in his home to our liking. I could invite over anyone I wanted, providing I had their amiibo. I gave it a little rest drive, and scanned in the Holy Trinity, Ricky, Hazel and Bree, and took a quick photo of Bree spying on a date between Hazel and Ricky. I'm sure Photopia is going to get some use once I've collected more furniture.

On my way back to Nublar, I went on a Mystery Tour as planned, but was very disappointed. We once again, ended up on what I call Trash Island... There was a message bottle in the sand that had the DIY recipe for a Log Sofa, so at least that's something.You know, I've probably been on 10-15 Tours now, and none of them have been that worthwhile... I'm hoping my luck changes soon! Maybe I'll try going at a different time of day and see if that helps.

Once we arrived back in Nublar, our NookPhone started buzzing. I was expecting a phone call from Nook, but it was actually Harvey! He thanked me for bringing a few Villagers to the Island, and decided to paint a couple of portraits. He hooked these up to Nook Shopping, which let us order some Villager Posters for a nice 1,000 Bells. 

Honestly, that was pretty much it for today. It was a very busy, but very slow day at the same time. I did visit Plucky and Rory (who both had houses, too!), and Plucky was busy working away at her Workbench, building an Iron Shelf, and she decided to share the DIY Recipe with me. Rory was after a Horse Mackerel, which I managed to catch, and he gave me a Floor Lamp in return.

I didn't explore the back of Nublar very much today. Since it's very underdeveloped there's not much reason to go back there... I guess that's something I need to work on in the coming days. Oh yeah, I finally got around to downloading those Pocket Camp items, too! The Camp Sign is going to look really nice whenever I'm able to build a Campsite!

I'm actually back at work tomorrow so I won't be playing nowhere near as much as I have these last couple of days. I should still be able to get a decent chunk in the evening, and might even be able to squeeze some in during the morning (depending on when I wake up!). Either way, I'll have a blog post up tomorrow, but from here on out they might be a little slower than usual.

I'm also busy working on guides and information as usual, and actually got a good chunk up today. You can view those here. As always, if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


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