Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 5

Nook opened up with the usual announcements, but all he had to share was a new resident, Flora, had moved in. I also received a few letters in the mail, one from Gulliver's visit yesterday, one from Tucker to celebrate the new room in my house, one from the HHA, and another from Dodo Airlines. Apparently, if you fly with them enough, you'll get some cool rewards. This time they mailed me a shirt!

It was a rather quiet day in Nublar today, but it was nice to have some downtime after the busy settling in period. It would have been nicer if I didn't have to work today so I could spend the quiet Island Life working on development, but it is what it is.

I decided to stop by Flora and Tucker to see how they were settling in. As expected, Flora was still unpacking, but she was placed in the home with the garden furniture outside, which I think is rather fitting given her name. Tucker was still asleep in the morning, but I did manage to stop by later in the evening to see his house - I actually really dig his style! He was also working away at his workbench, and taught me how to make a Sauna Heater.

I did get up to a few Mystery Tours last night, but as usual, they weren't anything that exciting. The best one I got was one that had a lot of Bamboo on it. I didn't have any Bamboo back home, so I grabbed a plant and took it home with me. I'm not sure if Bamboo spreads like wildfire in New Horizons, so I planted it on a hill towards the back just to be safe.

As for what was actually happening in Nublar, I managed to squeeze a little downtime in the morning to look around. I checked in with Nook since my House had been expanded, and he gave me the ability to customize the exterior of my House, which was a nice surprise! So far, there isn't anything that really takes my fancy, and I really want to work on making Nublar a nice place, rather than selfishly working on my own home.

Doing the morning rounds, I checked in with Timmy and Tommy to see the Turnip prices, but they weren't anything exciting - the mornings price was 85, and the afternoon was 80. I'm really hoping this doesn't turn out to be a low week for the Stalk Market... They also had a writing table for sale, which I decided to snag. I was really hoping I'd be able to customize this with a darker wood color to go with my house, but there were no options available. Oh well. There was also another DIY Receipt book for same, titled "Wildest Dreams DIY". I decided to pick it up, but there wasn't anything worthwhile inside.

I also noticed some budding Pink Cosmos as well, which was very exciting to see! It's nice to know Nublar has rich enough soil to produce some rare flowers. Another message bottle had washed ashore, this time from Harry (I wonder if it's the Harry we used to play with back in New Leaf...). Sadly it contained a Bonfire, which was pretty useless since it's a DIY recipe you start out with.

Plucky and Rory had been talking about me and wanted to help the development of Nublar. Plucky tried to gift me something, but my pockets were full at the time so she decided to mail it over instead. It didn't take too long to arrive, as once I emptied my pockets in my house, there was a letter waiting outside. It contained a public bench, which I thought was a little too "advanced" for Nublar right now, but I ended up playing it outside Nook's Cranny. The blue color ties in nicely with their roof.

Today's Mystery Tour was (kind of) a bust, as well. After being on there for a couple of minute, a Scorpion showed up, which got me excited for other exotic wildlife might appear... but after 15 minutes nothing else spawned. Every time I take one, I tell myself that's it, but the pot lock novelty of it all is just way too exciting.

But that was just about it for the day. I was really hoping Mabel would swing by today, but she didn't. We actually didn't have any visitors today, a first since our initial arrival. Hopefully someone stops by tomorrow. I should have a shorter day at work tomorrow, too, which hopefully will leave me with more time to play. I also included yesterdays front-of-house pic I forgot to include below.

There's been little update on our guides today, but if you need some help of guidance, you can view those here. As always, if you want to stay up to date with the latest news, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from Nintendo AU 


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