Three More Commercials for New Horizons Released!

Just two short weeks before release, and Nintendo of Japan have once again, brought the goods, and given us three beautiful new trailers! They all focus on something different, including the different types of cuztomization, as well as co-op and the Limited Edition Switch console. We've included all three trailers, as well as some nice stills below!

The first video is titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons TVCM - Fashion, and shows off a lot of customization options (including some we haven't seen), such as facial features, and clothing options. We later get a glimpse at the interior fashion of the players house, showing off just how much you can customize your house this time around.

he second, titled Animal Crossing: New Horizons TVCM - Garden, this time shows off the exterior customization options. We get some really nice shots that show off the decorated Island, and the final Japanese look is breathtakingly beautiful!

Finally, the third is titled Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Set TYCM, and focuses on selling the Limited Edition console, with some glimpses of co-op thrown in. This is probably the most lacklustre of the three, only sporadically showing off gameplay, but it's nice to see some nonetheless. 


Last time we got some Japanese trailers, the English equivalents soon followed, so we suspect the same to happen here, and we'll see an English version within the next day. There's only two weeks until New Horizons hits store shelves now!

If you want to see some more stills, you can do so over at our Tumblr. Be sure to follow BidoofCrossing on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news!


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