Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Day 18

A nice and sunny day in Nublar, but there were a couple of clouds in the sky, and if you guessed that rain would be coming later, you'd be correct. It only ended up raining for an hour so around noon, and they we saw a nice rainbow in the sky. As for the daily announcements, Isabelle only informed us that today was Hopper's birthday. Happy Birthday, Hopper!

In all honesty, Hopper is just a villager for me. He's not top tier, but he's not bottom of the barrel (looking at you, Velma), but I was still going to celebrate his birthday with him. Over at his house was Hornsby, and we dabbled in a few minor celebrations. When it came to his present, I only had a handful of things on me, and I decided to gift him some Coarl. Yes, Hooper isn't a villager I really care too much about, but I think the thought of a gift is nice enough, plus he's a penguin, I think Coral goes well with his get up.

On my trip to the Able Sisters, Sable had once again warmed up to me, and actually held a small conversation. Their third sister, Label, was mentioned, so I'm hoping this is a sign she might appear on Nublar soonish.. I feel like out of all the AC characters, the Able Ssiters have probably had some of the best development/story (possibly on par with Tom Nook) that'll it'll be interesting to see if that gets expanded upon here.

Development of Nublar was going steady, in fact, I might share a few pics in the coming days. I had another house to move though, Flora's. I already had the spot planned out, though I did that last time and look at how that turned out - but I think this new layout should work much better than the cluttered on I have. Her house went next to Velma's.

Gulliver was on the beach again, and you know the song goes by now - wild tale of how we went overboard, washed ashore unconscious, and then can't get rescued due to his communicator being broken. I scouted out all 5 pieces and gave them to Gulliver, and shall await my reward tomorrow.

On a semi-related tangent, I ended up Googling what to do with rusted parts, and apparently their only use is for crafting the robot DIY statue thing at the Nook Terminal, where you'll need 30... It's not really a priority of something I plan on building, but I guess I'll keep collecting them in case they add something else down the line.

Turnip wise, nothing special either. Morning prices a poor 87, and the afternoon a decent 126. Like I said yesterday, I don't expect to get anything crazy high like last week, but anything over the 200 mark will leave me satisfied. 

Since I hadn't done Mystery Tours lately, due to saving my Miles up for the Pavements, but since I only needed the My Design Pavement (which I don't really care about), I decided to spend some Miles on Tickets. I didn't find any decent Island this time around, but I did stumble across Bree. I would've invited her to my Island, but I feel she's already had her spotlight in these blogs from the New Leaf days. Sorry, Bree!

There was also an update today, to Version 1.1.4. I made a post about it already, but long story short, it fixes a minor glitch with Flick, and also changes the spawn rates of eggs (apparently decreased them). Back at work tomorrow, so things will slow down once again (still haven't updated any guides, oops), but I'm thinking of changing up the blogging formula in a few days, just to stop the shorter posts on the days I work, and merge them into one, but not too sure. Anywho, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest news, guide, and information on Animal Crossing! You can also join in on the conversation over on our dedicated discord server.


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