New Features Potentially Leaked in Latest New Horizons Datamine

It's been a while since we've had an official update to the game, and with Earth Day soon approaching we don't expect to be waiting too much longer for the next update to come out, but tech-savvy users have stripped New Horizons of its content which reveal a number of features that could be coming soon. This post contains potential spoilers, so read at your own risk!

When we first saw the map for New Horizons, the "secret beach" on the northern border of the map caught a lot of peoples attention, but sadly, went unused. This latest datamine reveals that given time, this beach may see some use, which will have everyone favorite fox, Redd, dock his ship and sell his fine wares on the black market.

Of course, with the addition of Redd, means that his famous paintings will also be making a return. This also means his fake and real paintings will be obtainable, with The Museum also due to receive an Art Gallery exhibition nearing his rival.

From here, there's also some upgrades to The Museum in addition to the Art Gallery, which both mention the Museum Shop and Cafe returning. It's possible Brewster's Cafe will be returning to The Basement much like in Wild World and City Folk, rather than being it's own building, and the Museum Shop from New Leaf will return. Interestingly, Celeste already has a place in the game, so who will run the Shop is still a mystery. Though the datamine does mention they'll be "standalone" so they could have their own dedicated buildings.

Next, a number of new environmental options could be coming, possibly to coincide with Earth Day. Bushes were found among the text strings, with all Bush species form New Leaf returning, plus the Camellia making it's debut. Additionally, a number of Vegetables that can be grown and picked appear, including Tomatoes, Wheat, Sugar Cane, Potatoes, Carrots and Pumpkins.

The diving mechanic from New Leaf looks like it may see a return as well. A number of Seafood options have been discovered, in fact a total of 33, as well as a dedicated spot in the Critterpedia. The manilla clam is currently the only one in the game, but other Seafood, such as Seaweed, may be making a return. This would explain why there are some rocks visible under the water when looking out from the beach, acting as a border.

There's a few more things listed in the datamine which can be viewed

Of course, things could change, and these could simply be leftovers that Nintendo have scrapped, though it does seem to be very promising considering Nintendo plans to add free updates to New Horizons over time.The datamine was first done by

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