Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Fall Events Guide

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, New Horizons has currently been set in the Fall, which has a number of events attached to it. Now the season is drawing to a close, we've compiled a list of all the seasonal activities and DIY recipes to collect, to help out those when Fall rolls around for the Northern Hemisphere.

There are 9 Fall DIYs, 12 Mushroom DIYs, and 9 Maple DIYs. All these DIY recipes can be found by shooting down Balloon Presents during certain times in the Fall, and can be crafted using specific materials found during the Autumn months. The events begin once the Fall season starts, but you won't get to the meaty content until you reach the final month of the season, November (North) or May (South).

The Seven Fall DIY Recipes are the Tree's Bounty Little Tree, Tree's Bounty Mobile, Tree's Bounty Lamp, Pile of Autumn Leaves, Yellow-Leaf Pile, Autumn Leaf Fire, Pine Bonsai Tree, Traditional Balancing Toy, and Acorn Pochette. These can be crafted with your standard materials, plus a few Fall exclusive materials. You'll need some Acorns and Pinecones, which can be obtained by shaking Oak and Pine Trees, respectively.

The next set you'll come across is the Mushroom series, which can be found in Balloon Presents during the final month of Fall. Each day, you'll be able to find 5 Mushrooms on your Island, which will grow under the shade of trees. There re 5 mushroom species to collect, the thin, tall, round and flat mushrooms, as well as the rare mushroom, which will only spawn if your Island has a 5 star rating, and will uniquely spawn underground next to tree stumps. You can use mushrooms to craft the following DIY Recipes: Mush Forest Wall, Mush Flooring, Forest Wall, Mush Partition, Mush Low Stool, Mush Log, Mush Table, Mush Lamp, Mush Parasol, Mush Wreath, Mush Umbrella, and Mushroom Wand.

Finally, starting in the middle (16th) of the final Fall month, you'll start to notice maple leaves falling from the sky, which you can catch with your net. However, if you spend too long chasing them, they'll disappear into the ground. You can use these Maple Leaves to craft maple themed DIY recipes, which can be obtained from Balloon Presents. The DIYs include; Maple-Leaf Umbrella, Tree's Bounty Arch, Maple Leaf Pochette, Red-Leaf Pile, Tree's Bounty Big Tree, Maple-Leaf Pond Stone, Leaf Stool, Autumn Wall, Colored-Leaves Flooring.

And that's it for the Fall. Of course, those in the Northern hemisphere will have their standard events, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc... during these months, but we'll cover those as we draw closer to the date. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr, and consider supporting us on Patreon to help support the site!


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