Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Weekly Update #1 (April/May)

I know I said I'd get around to doing these either on a weekly or biweekly basis, but life gets too busy sometimes and it's hard to get on top of things. I've decided to merge the past few weeks into one big post and go over the happenings on Nublar, as well as any other events.

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I learned a fair chunk, and I've probably learned even more than I forgot. I've seen a little more info on reactions that only certain villager personalities will teach specific reactions, and that they depend on your friendship level, so I'll look into that and see if it's worth writing a guide for.

As you can probably see above, a few villagers have come and gone, both Plucky and Velma moved out, and I've had Ike, Pippy, and Freya all move in. Freya only moved in a few days ago, so you'll have to wait until the next update to meet her since this post only covered the first half of May.

I did go on a handful of Mystery Tours, and it seemed every Villager I bumped into was someone we had back in Skyfall in New Leaf... We also had some sick Villagers, which taught me how the sick villager mechanic works this time around. Instead of having to visit them for three running days, you just visit them ones and hand over some medicine, and they'll give you a reward. Hopper did give us a PJ outfit, which I sure hope wasn't the one he was wearing during his illness... 

If I included them all, you'd still be reading this post until next week. I honestly learned so many that in the end, I just stopped taking photos when I learned them. We had the entire Mush event going on, plus earning the Fall DIY's from balloon presents, so instead I've just included the ones that appealed to me. I started scanning in amiibo villagers for a chance at a DIY, where we learned how to make a golden candlestick, and I guess Velma realized she was on her way out, so tried to latch onto Nublar's inhabitants by teaching us how to make a Golden Toilet. Too bad it didn't work.

Of course, the biggest thing that happened during this time was Nook's Cranny upgrading, as well as the nice 1.2.0 update that hit! Nook's Cranny was upgraded either they day of, or the day before the update. It was closed for the entire day during the upgrade, but it was so nice when it finally finished. They now hold 5 furniture items, and seem to have a much larger variety of what items they display.

As for the rest, well it looks like The Museum won't upgrade upgrade until you've donated at least 60 specimens to The Museum, then you'll have Redd visit your Island. Luckily for us, we'd already donated 60 artefacts, so once the update landed, Redd was already lurking the depths of Nublar. Once we found him, he tried to sell us a piece of art for 498,000 bells, but we knocked him back. He lowered his offer to a much respectable 4,980 bells, which we bought and took to Blathers. Thankfully the artwork was real, so The Museum could undergo it's construction!

I guess with The Museum now taking pieces of art, Redd decided it'd be a nice time to start visiting Nublar on a regular basis, trying to sell us some of his black market items. He told us he'd be docking his ship on the northern beach, so we headed over, only to realize all pieces of art he was selling that day were fake... great.

Leif is probably the next big thing in the update, who'll visit your Island and sell you two bush species, one that's currently flowering, and one that isn't, as well as the flower species that aren't native to your Island. He seems to visit a lot so if you need any greenery, he's your guy. He also buys your weeds for a premium price, so if you're not planning on crafting anything with them give 'em to Leif for some nice bells.

May Day
Rather than go over what happened, I've decided to upload a video of my experience of the tour. Yes, I was a little slow, and I didn't grab all the Bell Vouchers, but you get the general gist. For completing the Tour, I got Rover's suitcase, which I've included below.

Other Things
Since this post is getting long as is, I've decided just to uppload images of some other points of interest, rather than including text alongside them.

On the front of Nublar, not much has happened outside of the usual. I've terraformed a little (but nothing too incredible), and I did to the cheat method of placing a tonne of items outside to get a 5-star Island Rating for the Golden Watering Can + Rare Mushrooms during May, but trust me, my Island is far from 5 Stars.

I'll admit, I'm really getting burned out from playing. A lot of it feels very repetitive, and more days that none it feels like I don't accomplish anything. I am working on a nice lengthy review, which I'm hoping will be up tomorrow, and that does go over a few of my gripes with the game. I'm just hoping they've got a nice update planned soon, but with the Wedding Day Event starting tomorrow lasting the entirely of June, it seems likely the next one will be at the start of July. The first Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC pack is due out in June, so I'm hoping that'll give me a nice break, and return to AC nice and revitalised.

For an update to the site and guides, I've updated the Fish and Bug guides with all bugs/fish available thus far in the Southern Hemisphere. I did plan on having my review for New Horizons up this weekend, but due to some technical difficulties, that's been delayed to hopefully only next weekend! I've complied a guide that goes over all the seasonal Fall events, which should come in handy for the majority of players in the Northern Hemisphere in a few months! I just need to tweak a few extra things, but that should be out in the coming days!

A little heads up, if the formatting seems a little of fin this post, it's because blogger did an update that I'm not a fan of, hence why it's taken so long to write this up. It takes so much longer to write up posts now, and the whole process of uploading images is much worse, and takes so much time. I do plan on moving to a different host at some stage, so if you're interested in helping us produce the best content possible, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

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