Nintendo Shares tips for Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Friends

Animal Crossing really has been a saving grace during this time, but like any online game, there are always risks involved. Luckily, Nintendo have shares some tips on how to stay safe online, as well as activities you can do together in New Horizons!

Their article doesn't go over anything new, but it's really nice to see them share their take on spreading the online play of New Horizons. From trading items, to even creating your own games, they've covered a lot, and have even taught players how to nab elusive Star Fragments!


The Stalk Market, DIY Recipes, and registering Best Friends are some of the things they go over, so if you're looking for a basic overview of online play for New Horizons, it's worth giving a read! Of course, when it comes to online play, the main thing to remember is to only play with people you trust, and obviously not share any personal information.

It's nice to see Nintendo help out and bring the community together by sharing their very own ideas. If you've got any other tips to share, or games you play online, feel free to share them below, or over on our discord server!

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