Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Wedding Season Event Guide

June is the season of weddings, and New Horizons celebrates that by holding a special Wedding Season event on Photopia, with everyone's favorite couple - Reese and Cyrus! This guide goes over all tasks and rewards for the Wedding Day event, so be sure to keep it handy if you want to make the most out of it!

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To start, you'll need to head to Photopia via Dodo Airlines, where you'll see Harvey, Reese and Cyrus talking about their plans. Since it's the anniversary of their wedding, they'll first want you to recreate their wedding photo. Cyrus will let you use a number of wedding themed items that you can use as a one-off for this photoshoot. Completing their task will net you some Heart Crystals, which you can exchange for the wedding themed rewards Cyrus has made. All you have to do is decorate the studio and take a photo. Reese will then look at the last photo you took and judge it. For completing the first task, we earned 11 Heart Crystals, and were told that the couple had rented out the studio for the month, and to come back tomorrow to help them with another photo. It seems the amount of Heart Crystals you earn depends on how many Wedding items you've placed, not how good the aesthetic is.

After a few days, Reese will start giving you a theme that you need to match, including the Chic, Garden, and Cute themes. The best items to use for the themes are the Cute/Garden series for their respective theme, and the Natural series for the Chic theme. You can also customize the event Wedding items to match the theme. However, if you need help, Harvey will start offering advice on the second day.

We've compiled a list of all available rewards, the number next to the item is the amount of Heart Crystals you'll need to exchange. You'll unlock more rewards for the number of days completed, so we've separated them into groups!

Day 1
Wedding Bench (5)
Wedding Decoration (3)
White Wedding Wall (12)
White Wedding Flooring (12)
Blue Wedding Rug (4)

Day 2
Wedding Table (6)
Wedding Chair (3)

Day 3
Wedding Flower Stand (4)
Wedding Candle Set (4)

Day 4
Wedding Head Table (6)
Wedding Cake (6)

Day 5
Wedding Pipe Organ (40)

Day 6
Wedding Arch (20)
Wedding Welcome Board (5)

Day 7
Brown Wedding Wall (12)
Green Wedding Wall (12)
Brown Wedding Flooring (12)
Green Wedding Flooring (12)
Red Wedding Rug (4)
White Wedding Rug (4)
Cake Dress (20)
Wedding Tuxedo (20)
Wedding Pumps (6)
Wedding Shoes (6)
Bridal Veil (12)

Reese will also give you bonus items throughout the event for the first seven days you complete. Most of these items can be exchanged for Heart Crystals, except the Reeese & Cyrus Photo Plate, which will be given to you by Reese on the 6th day. On the 7th day, Cyrus and Harvey will also join in, giving you a couple of bonus items; Harvey will gift you the DIY Recipe for a Wedding Fence, and Cyrus will give the Wedding Wand DIY.

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