Pokemon Sword & Shield: Isle of Armor DLC - Releasing June 17th

In a video presentation earlier this week, many new details were revealed about Pokemon Sword and Shield's upcoming DLC pack, specifically the Isle of Armor, including new and returning Pokemon, new features, and gave us a solid release date of June 17th, which is just under two weeks away!

Among other things, we also got an official reveal of Galarian Slowbro, which was first teased in the initial trailer. It's a Psychic/Poison type, can learn the exclusive move Shell Side Arm, whihc deals Poison-type damage, and is either Physical or Special based on which will do more damage, and has the new ability, Quick Draw, though it's effect is unknown.
We also got a better look at the Gigantamax Kanto starters, the Galarian Kanto Birds, and the new Regi Pokemon. Of the Galarian Bird Trio, Articuno is Psychic/Flying, with the ability Competitive, Zapdos Fighting/Flying with Defiant, and Moltress Dark/Flying with Beserk. As for the Kanto G-Max forms, Giga. Venusaur can use G-Max Vine Lash, and Giga. Blastoise can use G. Max Cannonnade, which has the secondary effect of dealing damage for 4 turns, providing the target isn't Grass/Water type, respectively. Finally, the new Regi's are Regieleki and Regidrago, are Electric and Dragon type, with the respective abilities of Transistor and Dragon's Maw, both with unknown effects.

A tonne of other details were also revealed, you can check out the full trailer below for more, as well as check out the information on the official websiteAs always, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to help stay up to date with the latest news, and consider supporting us on Patreon to help support the site!


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