Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Gullivarrr Guide

As of Version 1.3.0, a new character named Gullivarrr has been added to the game, who works very similar to the already existing Gulliver... This guide will go over all the mechanics of Gullivarrr, and how to obtain his exclusive pirate themed rewards!

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Meeting Gullivarrr comes down to chance, as he'll randomly wash ashore on any day of the week, and can usually be encountered once or twice a fortnight, though will only appear after you've bought a Wetsuit. However, he will won't appear on any days where you've had Gulliver on the day before. He works almost identical to Gulliver as it's unclear whether or not the two are the same character or not. It's also worth noting helping out Gullivarrr does not count towards the Golden Shovel requirement.

Once you see Gullivarrr washed ashore, you'll need to interact with him a few times in order to wake him on. Once you've woken him up, he'll spin a wild tale and ask for your help retrieving his Communicator after realizing it's gone missing. This time, the Communicator is lost in the surrounding waters of your Island, and is a single machine, rather than 5 parts. If you dive into the water and bring the Communicator back to Gullivarrr, he'll thank you, and send you an exclusive reward in the mail the next day. You'll also find a Rusted Part in the lost & found the following day. 

The rewards Gullivarrr can give are are from the exclusive Pirate series, and range from clothing items to furniture. The only way to obtain these items is by helping Gullivarrr, so be sure to keep an eye out if you want to collect them all! We've included a list of all possible rewards below.

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