Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Pascal Guide: How to Get Pearls & Mermaid DIY's

As of Version 1.3.0, Swimming and diving has been added to the game, which allows everyone's favorite Otter, Pascal, to visit them. If you're able to encounter Pascal, he'll give you a DIY Recipe from the coveted Mermaid Series. This guide goes over how to encounter Pascal, as well as all the Mermaid DIY Recipes you can obtain, and how to get Pearls needed to craft them!

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First, in order to start swimming and diving, you'll need a Wetsuit. These can be purchased at Nook's Cranny for 3,000 Bells, or you can redeem one for 800 Nook Miles via the Nook Stop Terminal. There are also Floral varieties that can only be purchased via the Nook Shopping app.

Once you have your Wetsuit, you'll be able to freely swim and explore your Islands surrounding ocean. Whilst searching for Sea Creatures, you may come across a Scallop, which may prompt Pascal to pop up. He'll ask you if he can have it, and if you agree, he'll gift you a Mermaid DIY, a piece of Mermaid clothing, or a Pearl in return. 

To craft the Mermaid Series you'll need Seashells and Pearls. In addition to being gifted them by Pascal, you can also find them on the ocean floor, much like any other Sea Creature, though they are hard to come by. Once you've gathered enough materials, you'll be able to craft the Mermaid Series, which we've listed below. Do note, only the furniture series are DIYs.

Update: As of the Version 1.7.0 update, the Mermaid Fence can now be received as a reward from Pascal

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