Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.4.0 Update Coming, Adds Fireworks Festival, Dream Suite, Island Back-Up + More

It doesn't seem that long ago we got the lovely 1.3.0 update that added the much loved diving feature to the game. Now the game will soon be receiving yet another update that was teased at the end of the 1.3.0 update, which will add the Fireworks Festival during the month of August, and the much beloved Dream Suite feature from New Leaf! You'll also FINALLY be able to create a save back-up for your Island, all coming July 30th!

The main feature of this update will be the Fireworks Festival which has appeared during most Animal Crossing games during the month of August. It'll happen every Sunday night with Redd appearing outside the Resident Services holding a raffle for various prizes. You can also submit custom designs to be displayed as firework patterns during the nightly show!

Secondly, is the return of the much beloved Dream Suite. Rather than it being a standalone building this time around, it seems all you'll need to do is interact with a bed furniture item to doze off into a dreamy state. Lunar will then appear and let you travel to other items, where you can explore and learn their custom designs. It's worth nothing a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is needed for this service.

Finally, the much requested save back-up service will also become available, which will allow users to upload their save data and have it restored if their game is lost or damaged. The Japanese notes do mention that you'll need to contact Nintendo's Customer Service team directly for this, and cant be done my the users themselves. They also mention that moving your Islands date from one console to another will be coming later this year.
A couple of other items have also been announced for the update, to celebrate the Fireworks and Chinese Tanabata, known as the Qixi Festival. A Fireworks Wall will be sent to all players as a thanks for installing the update, and a few Chinese robes will be available via Nook Shopping for Chinese Tanabata. The trailer ends with teasing the next update for the Fall, alongside a picture of the Czar of Halloween, Jack. You can watch the full trailer below.

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