Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Weekly Update #3 (June 16th-30th)

It's time for the third "weekly" update on Nublar, this time focusing on the second half of June! A lot has happened during these few weeks and we've made a lot of progress on our Island, which we've included below!

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Our last update mentioned that Pekoe had moved in, but the final day of that post was actually the day she moved in, so we didn't get to see the interior of her house! Now that she's fully unpacked, we got a nice glimpse at her house, which is actually really nice. Other than her, we didn't have much movement on the villager front, other than Freya attempting to move out, which we put a stop to.

As usual, we had a fair few visitors over the last couple of weeks, namely Label, Wisp, and thankfully Redd. One of the paintings Redd was selling was real, so we were quick to snatch it up and donate it to The Museum, which left Blathers very pleased!

This is probably the biggest thing that happened. Now it was snowing, we were able to make Snowboy's, which as we already mentioned, gave us a DIY if we made them perfect. I could have missed a few pictures (in fact, I'm certain I did because I don't have a picture of the Ice Wand), but these were all the DIYs I was able to obtain from them. I actually completed the entire set!

Island Development
Jurassic Park is finally underway on Nublar! Of course, I can't take the credit for myself, but I did some googling and found a few Reddit users who had done a much better job that I could ever do, so used their photos as inspiration. I've linked them below if you want to check them out, they're very talented! There's a lot more I'm planning on doing (such as moving more buildings around), but this was a really good start to get me motivated!

Other Things
We had a pretty hefty Turnip spike, a whopping 618, which I think is the highest I've ever had in any Animal Crossing game, which was pretty cool. I decided to open my gate and let people over to sell theirs. Honestly, if you want more cool things like this, you'd be best to either join our discord server, or follow me over on Twitter, since I usually share these things once they happen. Speaking of Twitter, I also encountered an odd glitch with a Dung Beetle, which caused it not to get scared, and instead kept flying around my Island, before it finally flew off into the distance.

Site Updates
Since we got the Version 1.3.0 update (which will be the big feature of the next update post!), I've written a number of guides, including Diving, Pascal, and Gullivarrr, which you can read by checking out our Masterpost.

I've already saved the pictures from the first weeks of July to my computer, so the next update just comes down to me having time to post it, which hopefully shouldn't be too long now that most of the V1.3.0 content has been covered. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as considering supporting us on Patreon if you're able to, your help and support goes a long way! 


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