Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Weekly Update #4 (July 1st-15th)

Time for the next weekly update! As mentioned in the previous update, this is the time we received the 1.3.0 update, aka the swimming update! A lot of this post goes over diving and encountering Pascal, but we still had a fair share of other things happen, too. This is also the very start of me doing a lot of land development on Nublar, more on that below!

The villager front this time round wasn't all too interesting. We had Midge move out, and Biff move in. In all honesty, I actually really like Biff! Hippo and Rhino villagers are some of my favorite species in the game, and Biff doesn't disappoint.

I'd like to say these were lacklustre, but they were pretty consistent. We had Label a couple of times. Wisp, and even Redd and Gulliver. For those holding out for Gullivarrr, you'll have to wait for the next post. It actually took us a few weeks for him to finally show up on Nublar.

It's time. Finally, Nublar's surrounding waters were deemed safe for swimming, and Nook's Cranny let us purchase a wetsuit to explore the surrounding ocean. Our first creature we found was a Sea Anemone, which was promptly donated to The Museum, impressing Blathers. We found a tonne of other Sea Creatures, too, but I'm not going to include them here cause there's way too many.

During my diving escapades, I came across a Scallop, which made a very friendly face pop up. He asked for my Scallop, and gave me some rewards in return! Turns out, he'll either give you a piece of Mermaid Clothing, a Mermaid DIY Recipe, or a Pearl, needed to craft the clothing. I managed to grab a few DIYs off him which I've included below!

Fishing Tourney!
The last time we had a Fishing Tourney on Nublar, I either glossed over it, or didn't post about it at all. This time we managed to get a tonne done, I even had visitors over to help score more points. By the end of it, I had enough points for a Gold Trophy! I do like this new style of Tourney, but it feels more like a fun run rather than a competition.

Island Development
I know I mentioned we started delving nito Island development, but that was mainly just brainstorming in my head. I only moved two houses to change the layout of Nublar's main area, but in the coming weeks there's actually a lot more that's done. I've got a fair few areas that are pretty good right now, so look forward to those in the next post!

We mentioned in the 1.3.1 update post that we had ran into this Glitch, so I figured I'd show it off. For those unaware, it caused Hermit Crabs to show up in off places, such as on higher rocks, or even the airport dock. It's nothing crazy but was funny to see.

Other Things
Not a whole lot to include here, other than Hopper sending us a painting in the mail, which I expected to be fake... but turns out it was totally legit! It was a very welcome surprise, since Redd doesn't like visiting Nublar a whole lot. Hopefully we can get our hands on more paintings soon!

Site Updates
There's not a whole lot going on here. Expect to see some more stuff at the start of next month, when we get the second part of the summer update - I expect a trailer to drop this week sometime, around Wednesday/Thursday. As for the rest of the stuff, most of what I'm working on right now isn't anything that I want to share in case it doesn't work out. I did buy Paper Mario, and might write a post up on my thoughts on that soon, but that's about it for this update!

I've already saved the pictures from the first weeks of July to my computer, so the next update just comes down to me having time to post it, which hopefully shouldn't be too long now that most of the V1.3.0 content has been covered. As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as considering supporting us on Patreon if you're able to, as little as $1 a month really goes a long way!


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