Nintendo Switch Online Members Can Play Pokkén Tournament DX For Free Next Week

Originally announced for Japan, it's now been announced that all NSO members will be able to play Pokken Tournament DX for free starting next week on July 29th, until August 4th. That's an entire week to be able to trail a game! The game likely won't include the DLC, but it will be 30% off on the eShop until August 11th if this free trial is enough for you to make a purchase.

When this game first came out in the Wii U I purchased it, but it didn't click enough for me to play it for a lengthy amount of time, and I didn't pick it up on the Switch. I'm sure I'm not alone on this, so having a two week trial is a real smart move to try get people to pick up the game, and offering 30% off on top of that (for all users, regardless of NSO subscription status) is another way to try get this game out there. I'll admit, it is a rather nice looking game. If you're interested in taking advantage of this offer, you can head over the the eShop and preload the trial, which will unlock on the 29th of this month!
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