[SPOILERS] Here's All The New Items in The 1.4.0 Update (and how to get them!)

Though some fans have bee left disappointed by the lack of new content in the 1.4.0 update, there are still a fair chunk of items added into the game. We've included pictures of all the new items added into the update, as well on how to obtain them! Be warned, as this post contains spoilers!

The above image includes all the new items, and we'll go over them starting from the first image, which is a basket of grapes. This is a very peculiar item to include, and possibly alludes to a previous update that mentioned vegetables and farming... However, don't get too excited, whilst this may be a tease for this potential content, the grape harvest-basket will be available via the Seasonal tab on the Nook Shopping app for 800 bells during the month of September.

The rest of the top row is much less interesting. The King Tut Mask can be crafted after learning the DIY recipe, which the player will learn when they find a piece of gold ore from a rock. The three bopper items are gifted to you by Isabelle during the Fireworks Festival (Sunday nights in August after 7pm), and the last three are a used fountain firework, a Dream Bell Exchange Ticket, and an unused fountain firework. The firework can be obtained from Redd during the Fireworks Festival, and whilst the Dream Ticket does look interesting, it's simply an item sent to you by Luna each time you update your Dream Address, which can be sold for 5,000 Bells.

The second row is a little more interesting, starting off with the Rode-Style Springy Ride-On, which can be ordered under the Seasonal tab on the Nook Shopping app for 2,000 Bells during the month of August. The Bed and Wall Paper should have already been received by most players as a thanks for downloading the update, and the Balloons can also be obtained from Redd during the Fireworks Festival. That only leaves the Moon Rug, which will also be on the Seasonal tab on Nook Shopping for 2,000 Bells between Sept. 7th and Oct. 9th.

Finally, all the items in the bottom row, excluding the last two clothing items and the penant flag, are once again Redd prizes. The pennant flag can be ordered with Nook Miles on the Nook Stop Terminal, and the Red Orihime and Blue Hikoboshi outfits are seasonal Nook Shopping items during August for 2,500 Bells each.

Compared to the last update, there really isn't a whole lot of new items this time around, and it seems possible that this update is to last until October at the latest. There is a lot more text strings hidden away in the update that have been uncovered by dataminer Ninji, that leads up to believe we'll be receiving a very hefty update once October rolls around... For now, we're going to leave it, but will probably write up a post on it sometime during August.

Special thanks to yuecrossing and discord user Alexis from the Animal Crossing: New Horizons discord server for dumping the files! As always, if you haven't already, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr, as well as considering supporting us on Patreon if you're able to, your help and support goes a long way!


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