The Summer Update is Now Live in New Horizons!

As previously mentioned, Animal Crossing: New Horizons would be receiving a new update that would add a number of new features, including Swimming, Diving, and new Critters to collect. The update is now live in all regions, and we are beginning to compile our findings. Check out what we've discovered below, and stay tuned for our guides coming soon!

- Players receive a Snorkel Mask as a thank you for downloading the update
- The Nook Stop Terminal adds the Nook Inc. Wetsuit and Snorkel Mask as rewards
- The Bamboo Grass item (from the Japanese Tanabata event) can be ordered via the Seasonal tab on Nook  Shopping
- You can not swim up the river
- A new page to the Critterpedia has been added for Sea Creatures
- The "glitch" with Sea Creatures swimming out of bounds that was present in New Leaf has been fixed
- There are 40 new Sea Creatures including: Seaweed, Sea Cucumber, Sea Star, Sea Slug, Sea Anemone, Oyster, Whelk, Octopus, Acorn Barnacle, Scallop, Snow Crab, Pearl Oyster
- Three new Nook Miles tasks have been added, Deep Dive, Underwater Understudy, and You Otter Know
- Pascal seems to appear after your second Scallop (most likely so you can donate your first one to The Museum), he'll give you a DIY from the Mermaid Series
- DIY Recipes obtained from Pascal require the Pearl material to craft, you can find this via diving (Pearls can not be donated to The Museum)
- You can only get one DIY from Pascal each day for a Scallop, but it appears it may be possible to trade any extra Scallops you find that day for Pearls. We are currently investigating
- Pirate Gulliver (named Gullivarrr) has you search the ocean for his Communicator Parts instead of digging them up on the beach. He'll reward you with Pirate themed furniture
- Saharah's dialogue has received QOL improvements, now having her talk less when purchasing items and exchanging tickets

We'll be updating this post as more details come to light, as well as working on future guides for Diving and Gulliver. As always, be sure to follow us over on Twitter and Tumblr to stay up to date with the latest Animal Crossing and Nintendo news! 


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