Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Dreaming Guide

As of the Version 1.4.0 update, the Dream Suite returns, now simply known as Dreaming, and can be done by interacting with a piece of Bed furniture, rather than being it's own standalone building. Luna once again returns to help you out with your dreams, however, there have been a number of changes from it's previous iteration, which we will go over in this guide.

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Dreaming acts as a way to visit other Island without them needing to be online at the same time. Dreams must be uploaded first, and players must have an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription if they wish to use the feature. As players visit other Islands in a Dream state, any altercations they make to other Island aren't permanent, and will not affect the players Island in real time.

As previously mentioned, a player can dream by interacting with any Bed furniture item, however, the Bed must be placed inside the players home - you can not Dream using a Bed placed outside, or in another Villagers house. You can not use the Dreaming feature when playing with friends via online/local wireless.

Additionally, a number of options have now changed. You can no longer have Luna select a Dream at random, nor can you search for Island by their name. The only way to Dream in New Horizons currently is to enter a Dream Address. Our site has a section dedicated to a number of Dream Addresses, otherwise you can do a quick Google search to find a number of databases.

Using the Dreaming feature, you can update your Dream once per day, which will update your Dream Island for any changes that you've made. When updating your Dream, your Dream Address will stay the same, and Luna will mail you a Dream Bell Exchange Ticket the following day, which can be sold for 5,000 Bells. It's been noted that Nintendo have been monitoring the Dream service, and have taken down and Dream Addresses that contain hacked items, and even those who advertise their websites within their Island. 

There are also a number of Do's and Don't within the Dream feature. When Dreaming, you can use most features available in the game, you can't however, enter shops, send mail, learn DIY's, catalog/keep any items you find, or even craft. If your Island has areas you need a Ladder/Vault Pole to access, it's a good idea to leave these items around your Island for visitors to pick up.

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