Animal Crossing: New Horizons Starter Guide Available on My Nintendo!

Nintendo have just announced that a starter guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available on My Nintendo. The guide turns out to be the official guide by Future Press, and whilst the My Nintendo reward doesn't give you the entire guide, it does give you the first 25 pages for 75 Platinum Points!
Dubbed a "starter guide", this reward is said to help get you settled when setting up your island getaway package, as well as a few basic tutorials. Of course, if you've already purchased the official guide, then this reward is probably mute, but it's a nice extra for new players to the series, and even for those who are undecided about purchasing the guide.

Currently, the reward is only available for download for those in Europe and the UK, but like we saw with the 2020 Birthday Calendar, we expect this to become available in all regions soon. We'll update this once they become available in other regions.

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