Animal Crossing: New Horizons Updated to Version 1.4.2

Earlier today, the servers for New Horizons went down for some unknown maintenance. Shortly after, a new update was pushed, Version 1.4.2. The update fixes various bugs and glitches that were introduced in previous patches. Full patch notes are below.

The update fixes a number of glitches present all the way back in the version 1.3.0. It fixes a glitch when dreaming that would cause the game to shut down, and fixed the spots in which glowing soil patches can spawn, making them appear in more prominent locations. A glitch that caused mail not to be sent to friends, and an issue where the Sumo Ring wouldn't display properly. It also fixed a glitch that "changed the MTU when playing with others from 1364 to 1240 in order to investigate an issue where players cannot play with others in certain network environments" -  whatever that may mean. You can view the full patch notes here, and you'll need to download the patch in order to use online features.

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