Pokemon GO Starts August With Dragon Week

As part of the Ultra Unlock bonus from Pokemon GO Fest 2020, the first week of August will be dedicated to Dragon types in Pokemon GO, which are very coveted by players. If you're looking to get your hands on one of these hard to catch creatures, be sure to play Pokemon GO during this time!

As with most events, Dragon type Pokemon will be appearing more frequently in the wild, including Alolan Exeggutor and Gible. However, the most coveted Dragon, Deino, seems to be exclusive to 7km eggs during this event, so get your walking shoes on if you want to grab one for yourself! Deino will also have its Shiny version released, and other Dragon types will be available in 7km eggs.

On top of that, Rayquaza has been confirmed to be hitting 5-Star raids during this event, which is a very easy duo by only two trainers. If you want to stock up on useful items like Rare Candies and TMs, find a friend and get your Ice Types ready to defeat Rayquaza! It's likely other Dragon Pokemon will be appearing in raids, but which ones are not yet known. We'll update this post once more information becomes available! The event will last until August 8th.

Update: Courtesy of leekduck.com you can see all the egg and raid boss pools, as well as the special times research for two Deino's!

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