Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 1.5.0 Update Coming, Adds Farming, Halloween + More!

It may have been a long time coming, but the Version 1.5.0 update has finally been revealed to come on September 30th, which will add Halloween content to the game for the month of October. In addition, farming has also been added to the game, and a number of new customizations options, too. Full details are below!

The meat of the update seems to focus on Halloween, which will have players collect Candies for the full event on October 31st. Leading up to the event, players can also grow Pumpkins, which can be used as DIY materials to create new furniture items. Both the pumpkin seedlings and candies can be bought at Nook's Cranny.

A heap of new spooky costumes are coming, as are some brand new customization options, namely to tie in with Halloween. Though for players who uses their avatar to cosplay, these new additions should come in handy!

The Dreaming feature will also see a small update, which will now give you a history of which Islands you have visited in your Dreams, and will also allow you to favorite Islands you enjoy.

The NookLink mobile phone app will also receive an update in early October, which will allow players to use Reactions via the app. A couple of new Reactions have also been added to coincide with Halloween. Finally, the next update will be in late November, and teases the addition of Franklin and Jingle.

As a thanks for downloading the update, players will also receive a Ring Con item, from the RingFit Adventure series, which they can freely display. Nintendo of America and Canada have also announced an amiibo restock will be happening of the series 1-4 Animal Crossing amiibo Cards, though we'll share more details on that later.

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