Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp to Receive "Major Update" in November

The official Pocket Camp Twitter account just tweeted out the app will be receiving a major update this coming November. In addition, there will also be some changes to which devices will be supported, meaning those that have an older phone may need to upgrade if they wish to continue playing. More details below.

The in game notifications mention which devices will be supported. iOS devices with versions older than iOS 11.0 will not be able to play the game, nor will any older version of the game be playable. Currently, there are no mentions of which versions of Andriod will be able to play the updated game.

Ad for what the actual update will entail... details have yet to be announced. The in game notifications state "We have a large update to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp planned for November of 2020", but that's it. It's worth noting that the paid subscription service, Club Pocket Camp, launched last November. The new update could be a further continuation of that, or something entirely different. We'll bring more details as they come.

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